How It Works

Typically, when the 3-bands are booked together on one billing, each will perform for 60+ minutes, with a 30 minute break in between. At the end of each band's set, the members will make themselves available for a brief 10 minute photo-op and meet-and-greet with the crowd. When using all three bands, "Titans of Tribute" can fill  4 hours, making this combination particularly appealing for fairs, festivals and other long-duration events.  

Ticket Sales

Most event coordinators will charge between $10-$20 per ticket, with attendance numbers ranging anywhere from 2000-16,000, depending on the venue and how the show is promoted.  Our staff will work with you, to ensure you have everything you need, in order to ensure a successful show. Items such as: flyers, web links, video promo., social media platforms, performance agreements, equipment riders, stage plots, itineraries and live band interviews, are just a few tools used to ensure promotion is done correctly, everyone is well informed.



1. Lower Cost. Together, these bands charge less than if booked individually.

2. Less Paperwork. One performance agreement for all three bands.

3. Save Time. Save precious time on the phone, emailing and texting those who are to be involved.

4. Less Headache. Dealing with lots of people in a concert production is like herding cats. Fewer cats....less headache.

5. Lower production costs. Your production company will love you for not having to deal with three separate load-ins, three sound checks, three stage changes, etc.

6. Save space. No need for a huge stage with tons of back/side stage space, not to mention large amounts of vehicle parking and shore power requirements.


All three tribute bands are available for touring nation-wide and world-wide concert events. Travel is usually handled by commercial air when fly-ins are necessary or ground transportation via tour buses to route between multiple locations. All tours are managed by our professional staff, and has allowed us to boast a 100% attendance record, for all our past commitments.   


Band Pricing

The cost of booking "Titans Of Tribute," can vary greatly, depending on a number of factors such as: how many bands contracted, event location, date, production requirements, travel expenses, food, lodging, etc. Generally speaking though, it's safe to say that the performance agreement alone, less any other band costs, are as follows:

1. One band....$2700

2. Two bands.....$4000

3. All Three bands....$5500

* Routing dates are always cost-busters. Grab us on our way though your town and save big.

Booking Information


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